Medical Mattress Care

Medical Mattress Care

Medical Mattress Care bvba (MMC) was set up in 2005 because I found that, from my many years of experience in production and sales of foam products, hygiene and quality were often left wanting.

Through close cooperation with research institutions, I have succeeded in developing mattresses that have all the qualities needed for you to enjoy a healthy and comfortable sleep at home, as well as for catering for those who, for hygienic or medical reasons, are often left out in the cold.

MMC has continued to grow and now offers a total care package, as well as catering for a particular domestic market. New products in the range rapidly follow one another but have one thing in common: high quality at a keen price. In addition to our medical mattresses, there are now also our cosy quilts in various colours

MMC seeks to provide a total concept for every room and for every budget.

The increasing need for a healthy, restorative sleep, the pursuit of an allergy-free sleep environment and the greater attention being paid to the needs of an aging population form the basis of an MMC concept and, in doing so, the concept fully meets consumer demand.

At the request of customers, other options are now offered that take account of specific sleeping habits, in particular various types of pillows that closely meet the requirements we impose on ourselves. Every detail, as regards dimensions, composition of the pillow case material, as well as the quality of the foam used, is carefully studied and worked out.

The high quality and specialisations of our products mean that the materials can now be used for other applications, in which maintenance, hygiene, quality and comfort are important, such as seat cushions, pillows, etc.

Medical Mattress Care or MMC is a young, dynamic and innovative Flemish company that strives to bring to the consumer the products needed for healthy living and sleeping. We are able to offer our range at very attractive prices thanks to our very low cost structure.

Almost all our standard products are available from stock.

Michel Marynissen