Positioning cushion

Positioning cushion

Medically designed wheelchair cushions

Besides the anatomical form, all cushions have the incorporated abduction pommel (elevation) at the front. This abduction pommel helps the user to sit upright, and pushes the thighs and knees apart. Moreover, the raster pattern improves air circulation and reduces sliding forces.

Optimum prevention of pressure

By using a casting die, one is able to give the cushion a three-dimensional shape. The shape and the rounded corners of the blocks on the cushion ensure that the pressure is lead away at the appropriate pressure points. All this does not only result in a comfortable and stable sitting posture, but also helps preventing decubitus.

Wheelchair cushion made of visco foam

order code MMC R3DV 07

The cushion is made of a die-cast or moulded foam. This foam is a Visco 60, that is a fire-retardant foam and having a density of 60 kilograms. The cover is antibacterial and even MRSA-resistant. It is fitted with a water barrier so as to prevent penetration of water and moisture. The cover is made from our well-known MMC 210 PU.