Pillows – Hollow fibre

Pillows — Hollow fibre


MMC Hoofdkussen (60 x 60 cm)

order code MMC PUP 23

The pillow has a smooth cover with a silky feel. This cover is made of MMC 120 PU, a polyurethane of a bi-elastic fabric. The cover is removable and can be washed separately as the pillow has an inner cover. The siliconised polyester hollow fibre has been developed so that its properties resemble natural down as closely as possible. The wafer-thin channels in our extremely thin fibres enable them to reproduce the insulating effect of down.


MMC Hoofdkussen SEAL (60 x 60 cm)

order code MMC PUP 23 SEAL
  • MMC PU 120 is fully welded closed along three sides and fitted with a water-resistant zipper.
  • Completely washable with all the products used in care
  • The cover is fireproof (crib 5)
  • No seams on top surfaces.
  • Cover is MRSA resistant and also anti-bacterial.
  • Bi-elastic
  • Impervious to water, urine and blood.
  • Breathable