MMC Flex Mattresses

Mattresses — MMC Flex

The MMC Flex is the new pressure distributing mattress of the future!

The MMC Flex is manufactured from a high-quality foam rubber (CMHR 70), essential for a mattress with an extended life expectancy. The MMC Flex was extensively tested for safe and lasting performance, and it gives the person a feeling of well-being.
You get value for your money; entirely according MMC’s principle, you own a mattress that certainly meets you budget requirements, and will surely surpass your expectations.

The mattress is cut into a unique waffle profile so as to optimize the contact surface with the body. The air channels prevent the accumu- lation of heat and moisture in order to enhance the customer’s comfort. Depending on the anatomic distribution of the body, the different areas in the mattress ensure that the pressure is distributed as evenly as possible in particular with protruding parts of the body. The mattress can be reversed along the 4 sides, thus increasing its lifetime.

In short: you own a mattress that has a pressure-reducing effect, and feels good to lie on, because it is reversible along the 4 sides, has a long lifetime and an attractive price.

Technical data of the foam:

  • Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 17cm (other dimensions on request)
  • Fully CMHR 70
  • CFC-free
  • Chorofluorcarbons are not used
  • 100% free of latex
  • 100% open cel structure
  • Extremely elastic and flexible
  • Fire-resistant crib 5
  • The foam offers a superior comfort
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